Camo Instinct 2 Leggings Pant

Camo Instinct 2 Leggings Pant

$75.00 $70.00

New Colours for the spring!

This pair of Camo Leggings is for those who want the aggressive look when training.    Moisture wicking due to the Polyester/Lycra/Spandex blend, will ensure full performance in any activity.  These pants are also equipped with two front pockets, which add to the versatility.  GI Jane has nothing on this fabulous pant.

Although a camo colour, the colours still pop, with a wet look to ensure a distinctive style.  Wear to train in the gym or be the fashionable one, with a set of combat boots for the edgy look.  

Sizing chart

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Large 6-8
XL 8-10